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Marty Solomon grew up in the Reformed tradition before attending Boise Bible College and getting his B.A. in Christian Ministries. In 2008 he studied in Israel with Ray Vander Laan and was challenged to grapple with his own Jewish heritage. As he learned more about the wider conversation surrounding the Bible, especially through a Jewish context, he began to develop BEMA Discipleship as a way to share his experience with others. He found his way into Impact Campus Ministries, seeing college students as the perfect stage of life to experiment with the methods he saw in Jesus. Marty began leading trips of his own to Israel and Turkey in 2014. After a few iterations of his BEMA material, The BEMA Podcast was launched in 2016, making it accessible to a global audience. He and his wife, Becky, are committed to the work of ministry together and of raising their two kids, Abigail and Ezekiel.

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